At Revolution, our inviting and conveniently located studio is designed with your ride in mind. With warm wood floors, mirrored walls, and a comfortable ambiance, our studio is the perfect place for you to reach your fitness goals. The studio is equipped with official Star Trac Spinner bikes to give you the ultimate ride. Each bike has the Spinner computer that provides you with a continuous read-out of the information you need to get the workout you want. You get feedback on your cadence, your heart rate, and your distance traveled. This helps you bring your Spinning workout to the next level! Each bike has clips and cages on the pedals. (You must wear a Polar heart monitor strap.)

A chest-thumping sound system delivers the music that your instructor selected for your class. You'll be energized and motivated!

We are located at 28 Route 46 in Pine Brook, next to Bonefish Grill and there is ample parking in the front and rear of our building.